Maryanne Kampouris for LPC National Policy Chair

Maryanne with the Barrie Young Liberals

Maryanne Kampouris for National Policy Chair

When it comes to the race for LPC National Policy Chair there is only one candidate with the wealth of experience required of the position and that is Maryanne Kampouris.

While some of her fellow candidates have some experience in policy and others have some experience in policy within the Liberal Party, only Maryanne has served as VP Policy on a PTA. This experience at the highest level of the policy process within the Party is crucial to improvement of the policy process for all members. Maryanne, in her time as VP in Ontario, has already ushered in some of these needed improvements.

While Maryanne has implemented many great measures and has ideas for many more that she will implement if elected, the one that really caught my attention was her ‘Town Hall in a Box’. This would provide the means for EDAs to host most accessible and cost-efficient meetings, allowing for regular teleconferencing and Skyping in addition to face-to-face events. A major part of a strong National Board of Directors is having in place elected officials who will help enable the membership to be active and full members of the Party. The election of Maryanne Kampouris as NPC will strengthen the Party at large by making member-to-member and even member-to-official meetings more accessible, cost-efficient and frequent through programs such as a ‘Town Hall in a Box’.

The innovative successes Maryanne has had in the policy process within this Party were achieved because of her dedication to the membership and fierce loyalty to their perspective. Maryanne has a proven record championing members and has not rested in her attempt to make their experience in the Liberal Party more meaningful.

Beyond her experience, innovation and dedication to the members, when it comes down to it Maryanne simply understands the policy process Рhow it works and how it should work Рand uses that knowledge to constantly bring about improvement benefiting the membership. This knowledge is made clear when you look at her endorsements. Normally I take little stock in endorsements but when those endorsements are about the process, the requirements of the position, and how a candidate more than qualifies for that position, I tend to pay attention.  Maryanne has a great deal of backing nationwide from the members of the party who manage the policy process in the Liberal Party of Canada. These policy heads know what is required of the position and have seen how Maryanne has delivered.

It is my pleasure to endorse Maryanne Kampouris for National Policy Chair of the Liberal Party of Canada.

For more information about Maryanne’s campaign, visit her website¬†or Facebook page. To read about her plans as National Policy Chair, please see this delegate guide. To read why other Liberals are supporting her, visit these links: The Equivocator; Confessions of a Liberal Mind.

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