#NBD Liberal Prime Ministers

The #nbd Campaign

My sister and I like to jokingly say the letters ‘NBD’ to one another when we are sarcastically saying something is ‘no big deal’ when in reality it is. It occurred to me that the Liberal record of achievement in improving Canada is lengthy, even when broken down by specific Prime Ministers. It also occurred to me that it might make for some light-hearted fun to lists off the accomplishments of Liberal Prime Ministers in the first person and have the list end with ‘#nbd’ as one would humble-brag on Twitter. I made several images doing just this and they quickly spread around Twitter and Facebook. I thought it might make sense to create versions that Liberals could proudly display on their Facebook pages and below are the resulting Facebook cover photo versions of the images. Download and share at will!

(Click on the images to view and download them at their full size)


  1. Sheila Reed says:

    Makes one proud to be Liberal.

  2. joey says:

    now lets have the next prime minister say “i legalized marijuana, helped the native-Canadians in there fight for equality, made more strict laws on drinking and driving,p aid many scientists to research cancer and find a cure for it, I made Canada a more peacefull, loving, laidback, place to live. #NBD. Lets all hope this happens.

  3. Bryan Crockett says:

    It’s been a year since you posted these and they continue to be fantastic. Super kudos.

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