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On weekends like this, I’m reminded of the worst part of my job: death threats. In Canada we like to think that our democracy is boring and safe, and that our history is similarly without much great danger.

But the reformers of the 1840s faced great threats and real violence, and some founders of this country like Brown or McGee, paid with their lives to help form our nation.

In modern times we think of people like Pierre Laporte, but the great risk that those who lead us stare down on a daily basis is rarely remembered or recognized. Occasions like the assasination attempt at the end of the Quebec provincial election jolt us because they seem so out of place in our society. But as someone who reads these threats too regularly for comfort, I can assure you with great responsibility also comes great risk.

This is all to say that this Canada Day I am so thankful for our leaders past and present, including the trailblazing and braveĀ Kathleen Wynne, for pushing our country forward against all odds and at great personal risk with little more reward than having made a substantial contribution to a society they deeply believe in.

Canada Day is about great leadership and this nation continues to have an incredible supply.

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Theresa Lubowitz is a student of philosophy and public administration. Her scholastic interests lie in post-Confederation Canadian history with emphasis on federal political history as well as current affairs in Canadian civics. She has an general interest in electoral reform and is particularly interested in electoral system design theory as well as game theory in regards to balloting. Her passion is the push for the re-engagement of the electorate in regards to civic participation in Canada and hopes to play a role in the reversal of the democratic deficit creeping across the country.

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  1. Theresa,
    Are you still out there? I only recently stumbled upon your rich and wonderful site, but can’t find any posts since last July. Please get in touch when you have a moment.

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