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A Tale of Two Flags

Omalley horse

Despite our nation’s love of Tim Hortons coffee and the game of hockey, or the frequency with which national animals such as caribou, beavers, or loons appear on our coinage, there is one Canadian symbol that outdoes all others in the level of recognition it finds around the globe: the Canadian national flag. We are not unique in our love …

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Charlie Hebdo and the Challenge of Freedom of Expression

“I am not Charlie, I am Ahmed the dead cop. Charlie ridiculed my faith and culture and I died defending his right to do so. ‪#‎JesuisAhmed‬.” – Lebanese writer Dyab Abou Jahjah “Though tweaking the noses of Muslims might be as permissible as it is now believed to be dangerous, it has never struck me …

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My Grandmother and Ontario’s 1st Elected Woman Premier

Me in the crowd as Kathleen Wynne makes her victory speech as Ontario's 1st Elected Woman Premier

In the 1950’s my maternal Portuguese grandfather came over to Canada to start a better life for his family. He left behind my maternal grandmother (or as we know her, Vovo) in the Azores with two small children. Two years passed before Vovo travelled across the ocean with two small children all on her own …

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Canadian Leadership

On weekends like this, I’m reminded of the worst part of my job: death threats. In Canada we like to think that our democracy is boring and safe, and that our history is similarly without much great danger. But the reformers of the 1840s faced great threats and real violence, and some founders of this …

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918 Days to Build a Better Future

Justin Trudeau at the 2012 Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario) AGM listening to Joseph Uranowski and me delivering a talk on the importance of engaging the electorate online.

  As I stood in a crowded ballroom at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa last Sunday and watched Justin Trudeau become the 14th leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, I had only one worry about this party that had been declared dead by the media less than two years earlier. It was the fear …

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Why No Green Candidate in Labrador is Bad for Liberal Rebuilding

Labrador MP Peter Penashue

Watching the Liberal Leadership Debate yesterday, I was struck by the response to the announcement that the Green Party of Canada would not be fielding a candidate in an upcoming by-election in Labrador. Reactions varied, generally along the lines of whether one supported the concept of so-called electoral cooperation or didn’t, and also where a …

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The Missing Concept of Clarity in Mulcair’s NDP


On October 4th, 2012, the separatist party won a minority mandate in the province of Quebec. Twice before the separatist Parti Québécois held government, elected first in 1976 and again in 1981, and then during a second wave in the 1990s with election in 1994 and 1998. Within four years of the 1976 victory under René Lévesque, …

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Tonight the unthinkable happened in Canada: a Canadian was murdered at the scene of a political rally in Quebec. As Pauline Marois took the stage in Montreal to thank members of her Party for their victory in the Quebec provincial election, shots rang out leaving at least one dead as I write this. Canada is …

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What Ontario Liberals Have Done for Students


The following is a list of what Ontario Liberals have done for me and other students since 2003: They created a permanent 30% off tuition grant for students in a university or college degree program saving $1,600 per student annually and $730 annually for students in college diploma and certificate programs. The grant is calculated …

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What’s Next?


Ready to Move on to Other Things Last weekend I had some fun with some images of Liberal Prime Ministers that listed their impressive accomplishments in office, adding a sarcastic hashtag of ‘#nbd’ or ‘no big deal’ to each of them. The hashtag worked on two levels. The first was the obvious level which was …

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