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Champion of Democracy – Lawrence Martin


His contributions to our national political discourse regularly improves the fabric of our collective narrative.

Champions of Democracy – Barrie Young Liberals

Barrie Young Liberals

The Barrie Young Liberals have demonstrated clearly that politics can be a fruitful, rewarding, and meaningful pursuit when your purpose is genuine and your actions are the true expression of your aims.

Champion of Democracy: The Saskatchewan Party


The party was not only innovative in a technological sense but also by looking for different ways to encourage political engagement by citizens during a time when it is dwindling worldwide. The efforts by the party in engaging a changing electorate on their own terms are commendable and arguably unique among Canadian political parties. It is my hope that other political parties in Canada will follow the Saskatchewan Party’s lead and focus their energies on better engaging a modern electorate.

Champion of Democracy: UBC Press

ubc press

The Canadian Democratic Audit is deserving of very specific attention and praise for its groundbreaking work in in examining and evaluating the content and status of Canadian democracy. For this project and for others, UBC Press is a Champion of Democracy.

Champion of Democracy – Dave Meslin

Dave Meslin

For those who don’t yet know about Dave, be on the lookout because you will. It is my belief that he is only just warming up.

Champions of Democracy: Alison Loat and Samara


Samara is a charitable organization that studies citizen engagement with Canadian democracy. Through our projects we hope to strengthen the health of our democracy and encourage others to do the same. This is a CoD I have been meaning to write for a while because few organizations in Canada impress me more than Samara. Samara …

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Champions of Democracy: Editor Stacey Macleod and the Speak Your Mind Project


“Speak Your Mind, a forum convened by The Toronto Star for commentary, conversation and debate around the key issues driving the Ontario provincial election campaign.”

Champion of Democracy: Taylor Gunn


Turnout can only be increased by engaging the next generation who will in turn impart the importance of voting on the generation that follows them. It all starts with children and Taylor Gunn and Student Vote are leading the campaign.

Champion of Democracy: Glen Pearson

glen pearson

Pearson embodied the view that public service is about just that: serving the public.

Champions of Democracy: The Creators of Tweet Commons

tweet commons

The creators of Tweet Commons founded their website with the notion that “the best ideas are born of necessity. In an age of beleaguered voter apathy, communication is a must.” Thus they created Tweet Commons as a non-profit, trans-partisan website where politicians and voters alike could participate in the civil discourse of the nation and for this the creators are Champions of Democracy.

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