Category Archive: Primer on Prime Ministers

‘Lester B. Pearson’: Andrew Cohen

Andrew Cohen discusses his contribution to the book series ‘Extraordinary Canadians’ about the 14th Prime Minister of Canada, Lester Pearson.

‘My Years as Prime Minister’: Jean Chrétien, 2007

Former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien sits down with Allan Gregg for a wide-ranging interview. They discuss Chrétien’s new memoir, My Years as Prime Minister, his views on the state of politics in Canada and his recent heart surgery.

‘Hell or High Water’: Paul Martin, 2008

Paul Martin discusses his new political memoir, ‘Hell or High Water’.

The Agenda: Paul Martin, 2007

Former Prime Minister Paul Martin discussing his time in office and current projects on the TVO program The Agenda.

The Agenda: Jean Chretien

Former Prime Minister Jean Chretien on his years in office on the TVO program The Agenda.

‘Bennett’: John Boyko, 2010

The Agenda featuring a discussion between Steve Paikin and John Boyko, author of ‘Bennett: The Rebel who Challenged and Changed a Nation’.