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Liberalism of Conviction

Akaash Maharaj comments quite brilliantly on the future of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Arthur Milnes: Proposal for a Bicentennial Celebration of the Birth Of John A. Macdonald

Arthur Milnes discusses his hopes for a national bicentennial commission to celebrate the upcoming birthday of Sir John A Macdonald on the 11th day of January 2015.

Who We Are: Canadian Citizenship Guide, 2010

The Canadian Citizenship study guide and a panel discussion from the Agenda on Canadian identity as presented within the guide.

The Agenda: Paul Martin, 2007

Former Prime Minister Paul Martin discussing his time in office and current projects on the TVO program The Agenda.

The Agenda: Jean Chretien

Former Prime Minister Jean Chretien on his years in office on the TVO program The Agenda.

‘Bennett’: John Boyko, 2010

The Agenda featuring a discussion between Steve Paikin and John Boyko, author of ‘Bennett: The Rebel who Challenged and Changed a Nation’.

No Great Canadian Speeches?

TVO’s The Agenda tackles the topic of great speeches and whether Canada has any in its history.