Champions of Democracy

What is a Champion of Democracy?

Our democracy is only as strong as the people exercising it. It is our interest in celebrating passion for democracy and participation within it that keeps it strong. Often in Canada, we choose to focus on the negative aspects of our political and civic realities instead of championing those who improve that reality or joining them in their cause. Champions of Democracy is an attempt to raise the profile of those who face the same imperfect democracy we all do but who, instead of tuning out, charge ahead and make a real difference in the civic lives of Canadians.

Champions of Democracy come from all walks of life, from varied backgrounds and make unique contributions to Canadian society. Sometimes they are innovators who use a specific skill to create a tool that strengthens the fabric of our democratic system. Sometimes they are educators who unearth facts or ideas long ignored or even develop new ways of understanding civic life in Canada. Some focus on engagement and pour their hearts into getting others to participate and care about our democracy. And some are inspiring because of the way they have pressed on to make our democratic framework better for all of us.

Canada’s Champions of Democracy:


Nominate Someone to be a Champion of Democracy

There are two easy ways to get people involved and engaged in something with others. The first is engage them in a discussion and the other is to recognize and celebrate those who are already stepping up to make the world a better place.

If we make civic issues a part of our daily discourse our immersion in them will rub off on those around us. And if we celebrate those who champion a better society for all of us to live in, the tired and uninspired of society will see something to believe in and be a part of.

If you know of anyone who inspires you to be a more active participant in our nation’s civic life or who valiantly preserves our collective history to better inform and unite us in the present, leave a comment to nominate them as a Champion of Democracy or a Heritage Hero.

Chances are we all know someone who has made our society stronger through their devotion to our civic and historical culture. Let’s celebrate them!

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  1. Please list Democracy Watch as a Champion of Democracy on your site because it has won many, many more democratic reform changes than any other organization in Canada in the past 20 years (and actually, since forever).

    Website is:

    Thank you,
    Brad Duplisea, Board member
    Democracy Watch

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