This page contains original videos on current events in Canadian political discourse.

Ode To Democracy

February, 2011

Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire out of sheer frustration and in death, inspired the whole world from the Middle East to North America and everywhere in between.

Democracy in Canada

February, 2011

In 2008 a Constitutional crisis erupted in Canada, exposing a knowledge deficit within the Canadian people about their own democratic institutions. The crisis was created by a Prime Minister who refused to face the elected members of the legislature in order to avoid a vote of non-confidence. Confidence in his leadership granted by the legislature is constitutionally required and he blatantly subverted democracy in Canada.

Lost Legislation

February 2011

Prorogation is a process that ends a session of Parliament and kills all Bills introduced but not yet passed. Over the course of a year and after two prorogations, a total of 40 different Bills were killed by the Government of Canada

Federal Debate Commission

February 2011

A Harper Majority: Is this Canada?

Speech by Danny Williams

March 2011

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